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Activities and games

Play with your own hands

Official app

The official app has videos, games, and Lottie's complete music collection

  • Music: Access the complete collection of songs. The YouTube channel does not have all the videos.
  • Short stories: Watch all 3 seasons of Lottie Mini with short stories, activities, and games packed into 12-minute episodes.
  • Little piano: Musical introduction for children.
  • Lullabies: Songs to prepare for bedtime.
  • Games: Includes puzzles and coloring activities to stimulate mental and motor development.
  • Safe: Can be handed to the child without the risk of accessing other content.
  • 3 languages: Content in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Nursery rhymes to relax and prepare for sleep

In addition to entertaining children, Lottie Dottie also helps to relax and fall asleep with nursery rhymes in music box arrangements. There are 11 calm songs and slow animations that decrease agitation and prepare children to sleep with the angels.

Alexa, abrir Gallina Pintadita

Play along with Lottie Dottie in Brazil and México

Lottie Dottie is also on Alexa. Play Surprise Egg and listen to songs and stories. When bedtime comes, ask for ‘lullabies’ and create a cozy atmosphere for a peaceful sleep.

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Hey Google, talk to Lottie Dottie Chicken

Lottie Dottie had a really good time on Google Assistant

It was good while it lasted. Google Assistant has discontinued partner apps, and Lottie Dottie and many others are no longer available. While it was active, Lottie Dottie was a success in Brazil, México, US, India and beyond, with millions of invocations. Everyone wanted to talk and play with our star!

Dance with Lottie Dottie

New versions of the classics that you already loved, now in Live Action, with original dances and lots of fun!

So, let's dance?

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